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Somnus (Latin for sleep) is the oldest model in the product line with the design worthy of its name...Read more


The design of Boheme reflects the streamlines of oriental sacred towers thus forming a beautiful unified whole. The model has been especially well received in Scandinavian countries...Read more


The design of Vase is inspired by the ancient Greek amphora with a hint of Scandinavian accents. The shape of Vase combines feminine roundness and softness with lenient firmness...Read more


The design of Sanctus (Latin for saint) reflects church urns. The saintly qualities have been also reflected in the design of Sanctus urns...Read more


Mary is an urn of classical design widely used in Scandinavian countries. In addition to its rectangular shape, the front of the urn is decorated with three birds flying towards eternity thus making it even more memorable...Read more


Externally Noctus is somewhat similar to Vase, but with more contemporary and specific features suitable for practically minded people...Read more


Sofia (Greek for wisdom) is an urn more suitable for the fairer sex. The design of the urn takes after the softer forms of ancient vases...Read more